Sliced and ready for your delight

Discover the benefits of sliced packaging

Well known and everyone’s favorite Sirela cheeses Podravec, Dimsi, Gouda, Tilzit and Domaći are available pre-sliced, in practical slice packages.

These packages are ideal for all ‘on the go’ situations - you can simply open the package and sandwich the cheese between your favorite bread or rolls, and if you have them handy, you can add deli meats, other dairy product or vegetable spreads. Cheeses also love jams - you can add them as well and turn your sandwiches into a real gourmet experience.

Apart from sandwiches, slice packages are ideal for cheese plates and any situation that calls for more different cheeses, but in smaller quantities. When you decide to create a cheese plate, you can also add cheese Ribanac from a practical snack package.

Sliced cheeses are great for many dishes that include thermal processing - pizzas, grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, omelets… When preparing these dishes you don’t have to spend your time on grating or cutting the cheese. Sliced cheeses are of optimal thickness and will melt quickly and easily.